Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Surprise Party

I planned a surprise party for McMuffin for his 16th birthday. I spread it all around on facebook and told many of his friends. I tried contacting many of the football players and others from school just to let them know. Thanks to A-Dub and J-Dub for getting him out of the house. A-Dub had been out of town with the youth group for a conference and called Mcmuffin to come pick him up and take him home. lol Good idea since there were many youth and a youth leader there that just couldn't do it. lol He fell for it hook line and sinker. Then they took McMuffin to a movie. By the time they got out it was party time. Many of his youth friends and a few kids from school were at our house to jump out and say "SURPRISE"!!!! The look on his face says he was very surprised and even more surprised to find out that I had planned it. They played games, ate hamburgers, chips and birthday cake. I'm so happy I pulled it off. Happy Birthday sweetheart. I love you!!

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