Monday, July 19, 2010


Summer is coming to an end. Books are being read, football practice every morning is coming to an end. We have had a wonderful fun filled summer. We went on vacation for the first time as a family in many many years. It actually turned out kinda nice. Hopefully we can make this an annual event. For too many years it has been just me & the boys. They always want their dad to come but he never has time for us. We went to Chattanooga and stayed for a few days. Went to caves, dinner and a mystery show, aquarium, rode the incline and a few other things. Took lots of photos. We have also gone canoeing this summer. I love floating down the river and having fun. I've found more and more ole friends on facebook or rather they found me. I love reconnecting with them. We have had cookouts with friends, gone out to eat and just reconnected. One of my lost loves also found me on facebook. I was so happy to see him even if it was on a computer. I'm learning to live knowing that I'm not #1 in certain people's life even if I should be. I still have no air in my car. Yes I know this is the 4th summer. I've been told I will NOT ever have air in my car. It needs to be replaced but that won't happen for a few more years. For now I'm driving my old '94 Ford Ranger that does have air. It looks horrible and I really do not like having to drive it but since it has air I will love it. I want my car fixed but unless I find a way to fix it myself it will not be fixed. Scooter has been invited to be a US Student Ambassador with People to People for next summer. I sure wish I had the money to make it happen. I don't think that I can raise that kind of money or I would jump at the chance. Hopefully in another two years I can let him go. I hate that his brother was allowed to go but now he can't go also. Trip of a lifetime. Wish I had known about this group when I was growing up. I would have gone, no doubt about it. We are working on my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary party. That's something that really needs to be celebrated. Will I ever make it that far knowing that I'm not #1. I have to learn to get past his toys being #1. Always have been and will always be that way I guess. First it was the horses, then team roping, then cowboy mounted shooting and now that the horses are sold but we still have the horse trailer and we have added motorcycles. I refuse to ride. I have kids to raise. I don't want on one of those things with kids to raise. Wonder what I can get into before school starts back.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

School is almost out

Well school is almost out. We survived the 10th & 6th grades. McMuffin is exempt from all final exams. 6th grade does not allow that so Scooter will have to take his. McMuffin is still loving his job at McAllister's and has bought himself a truck. He is learning just how far his paycheck will not go. He is learning how to budget and manage his own paycheck with is always a good thing. He ask for extra hours and loves having his own money. Scooter is about to be allowed into the youth program at church. He can't wait. I just hope it lives up to his expectations. I loved my youth group growing up but found out really quick that it was not what i expected when I was allowed to attend. Hopefully he will fit in like he wants to and have really good friends there. We are planning out little mini vacation. This will be the first time in many many years we have all gone somewhere together. Usually its just me and the boys. Mcdaddy usually skips these events. We are going back to the Smokey Mountains. The boys and I went a few years ago and had so much fun. They want McDaddy to go then but he wouldn't/couldn't. Like I said this will be a short trip so we will not be able to do much. We plan on going to Rock City, Ruby Falls and go through some other caves. I'm taking my handy dandy camera and hopefully getting so really good pics this time. Hope everyone has a great end of the school year and a fun summer.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Frustrated Mom

Yes that describes me today. Christmas came and went and so did the new year. Work is busy as usual and the boys are back in school. I'm glad to be back on a schedule. I usually walk daily with two ladies from the neighborhood. Friday morning started as usual with us walking but it was super cold. When we started out it was 17 degrees and I had on 4 layers of clothes and two sets of gloves. I sure didn't want to get cold but I do need to walk. We were walking right along until the car started coming. We all tried to get out of the way and I ended up stepping in a pot hole. I fell and hurt my hand and my foot. Both seem to be better and I know it will just take a little while to get well and start walking again. Fast forward to Sunday. Found out that the clutch is out in McMuffin's truck. I've said before we need to fix it and now its broken and it needs to be fixed really soon. I'm afraid it will just sit there with the excuse we can't fix it now and I'll end up with no vehicle. McMuffin will have to use my car or rather I'll let him since I only work one mile away but now is no time for this. We can't seem to fix my air in my car thats been broke for 3 years, nor can we fix the pop pop I have in my front end when I turn. The truck that I'm usually stuck with has no air, the door is screwed up and other things are screwed up on it. Now the other truck is broke and I just know there will be excuse after excuse on fixing this one too. I'm tired of this merry go round and want off.