Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Homework Hussle

There are alot of kids out there that do not understand all the stuff that is being taught. I know since I have one of these kids. We try hard most every night to work on what we do not understand but it doesn't always help. Many times I feel like I explain it really different than the teacher does and I give up. I get really frustrated since I do not have a text book in one subject and I do not remember the English grammar to be able to help with that. So I find myself doing the homework hussle almost every night. I've finally thrown up my hands and found a tutor to help with the English grammar. I'm very thankful that the Math teacher is willing to help during some of her planning periods so that we can try and bring that grade up. He just needs some one on one time to figure all this out. From what everyone says he does really well when they take him one on one and work with him. He just has trouble in the class room setting. I know its because the teacher can not wait on just that one person and must move on to something else and I can not do the home school thing since I do not understand it either. Its been so so long since I had to do anything with English grammar. I know I could remember if I had the time but after working all day and then going home to house work I just do not have the time or patience. Good Luck sweet boy. We will make it somehow. I hate that it seems harder for you than for others but your doing great. I'm so proud of you and I love you.

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