Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This year it will be a happy one for me. Since I am adopted and do not know my birthparents, I usually feel all alone on holidays. My adopted parents passed away many years ago and I was the only child they adopted. I know very few facts from being adopted and would love to find my birthparents. Growing up my adopted parents and I went yearly to South Alabama to my aunt and uncles house or to my grandmothers house. There were lots of cousins to play with and I loved it there. I always wanted to move there. I've gotten tired of being alone so with the help of facebook I have reconnected with my cousins and my wonderful aunt. We are heading to South Alabama to see (hopefully) all my cousins, their spouses, children, grandkids and my aunt. I can't wait. We went to visit not to long ago and my youngest son loves it there just as I did when I was young. He has been counting the days until he can go back. I so hope that both of my kids can find a family connection there and have some type of connection to family on my side. The next best thing to this would be for me to find my birth family and eventually have a relationship with them.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Homework Hussle

There are alot of kids out there that do not understand all the stuff that is being taught. I know since I have one of these kids. We try hard most every night to work on what we do not understand but it doesn't always help. Many times I feel like I explain it really different than the teacher does and I give up. I get really frustrated since I do not have a text book in one subject and I do not remember the English grammar to be able to help with that. So I find myself doing the homework hussle almost every night. I've finally thrown up my hands and found a tutor to help with the English grammar. I'm very thankful that the Math teacher is willing to help during some of her planning periods so that we can try and bring that grade up. He just needs some one on one time to figure all this out. From what everyone says he does really well when they take him one on one and work with him. He just has trouble in the class room setting. I know its because the teacher can not wait on just that one person and must move on to something else and I can not do the home school thing since I do not understand it either. Its been so so long since I had to do anything with English grammar. I know I could remember if I had the time but after working all day and then going home to house work I just do not have the time or patience. Good Luck sweet boy. We will make it somehow. I hate that it seems harder for you than for others but your doing great. I'm so proud of you and I love you.

Don't sign up if you don't want to do it.

Some things just bother me. Doesn't matter who does it. It doesn't have to be the kids or the husband just people in general. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR SOMETHING IF YOU REALLY DO NOT WANT TO DO IT. If you sign up then make good and dang sure you show up. Others are counting on you. This applies to charities, service projects, helping friends, studying with others, job applications and may other things. I do not want to hear "I don't feel like it today" because there are many many times that I do not feel like working or cleaning up after you or cooking you something when you should do it yourself. If you join a group and you know it is a service organization then you know you will have to do service projects. If you do not want to do this type of thing then don't sign up. Don't get upset when graduation time comes and you don't get as many scholarships because you do not have as many service hours as the others. Do not tell me it doesn't matter when I see every year that people get scholarships for service hours. Sitting at home watching the boobtube is not going to help you through life. A good job will take you far. Get out there and do something with your spare time. You might find out what your meant to be doing for the rest of your life. At least you will be getting the experience and you can use it on applications for years to come. Just because you do not get paid for your service does not mean it does not count in many ways. If you don't want to do service projects then do not sign up!!!

Surprise Party

I planned a surprise party for McMuffin for his 16th birthday. I spread it all around on facebook and told many of his friends. I tried contacting many of the football players and others from school just to let them know. Thanks to A-Dub and J-Dub for getting him out of the house. A-Dub had been out of town with the youth group for a conference and called Mcmuffin to come pick him up and take him home. lol Good idea since there were many youth and a youth leader there that just couldn't do it. lol He fell for it hook line and sinker. Then they took McMuffin to a movie. By the time they got out it was party time. Many of his youth friends and a few kids from school were at our house to jump out and say "SURPRISE"!!!! The look on his face says he was very surprised and even more surprised to find out that I had planned it. They played games, ate hamburgers, chips and birthday cake. I'm so happy I pulled it off. Happy Birthday sweetheart. I love you!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Race Tickets

I love car races. It doesn't matter what kind. Drag racing, dirt track, or the big boys at Nascar. Imagine my response when dear Pops came home saying he had free tickets to Talladega. Woo Hoo I'm going to Talladega. I love it there. In years past we would take the camper a week early and set it up, then travel back there the following weekend and have a fun filled weekend at the race track. My boys have gone to several races. Some of our friends have also met us there and would camp with us. Well just think of how I felt when I found out that dear Pops had a ticket but I didn't. Those of you that know me I'm sure know what I thought. Might not have said it but I sure thought it. lol Since we no longer have our fabulous camper, dear Pops took Scooter's pup tent, McMuffin's sleeping bag and his motorcycle and road over to Talladega with his motorcycle friends. Since it was raining that weekend a little, they did not leave as early as they planned. They took their time and finally ended up at the camp grounds. Come to find out they had pit passes (but did not go), they had passes to meet Mark Martin (and they did this) and they got lots of free food. Pops said it was a little chilly (ya-think) in the little pup tent but he slept well. On Sunday they went to the race for a little while. By this I mean that he left early. Yes really early. He stayed for about 30 laps and got on his motorcycle and headed home. Now this is where I get upset. He wasted those tickets. I could have gone and taken my car and stayed for the entire thing. He could have come home whenever he wanted to but I could have watched the race and would have been able to see those wrecks at the end of the race firsthand. Sooo his wonderful free tickets were wasted as far as I'm concerned. I also noticed that lots of people are complaining about the race because all they did until the end was drive around the track. lol Well people thats just what race cars do - they drive around the track and try not to wreck. No its not as entertaining as the wrecks but its much safer. Who wants to smell burned rubber from wrecks. lol If I wanted to smell that I would just go burn my own rubber on my own car (yes I did this many times in my younger days).