Sunday, January 10, 2010

Frustrated Mom

Yes that describes me today. Christmas came and went and so did the new year. Work is busy as usual and the boys are back in school. I'm glad to be back on a schedule. I usually walk daily with two ladies from the neighborhood. Friday morning started as usual with us walking but it was super cold. When we started out it was 17 degrees and I had on 4 layers of clothes and two sets of gloves. I sure didn't want to get cold but I do need to walk. We were walking right along until the car started coming. We all tried to get out of the way and I ended up stepping in a pot hole. I fell and hurt my hand and my foot. Both seem to be better and I know it will just take a little while to get well and start walking again. Fast forward to Sunday. Found out that the clutch is out in McMuffin's truck. I've said before we need to fix it and now its broken and it needs to be fixed really soon. I'm afraid it will just sit there with the excuse we can't fix it now and I'll end up with no vehicle. McMuffin will have to use my car or rather I'll let him since I only work one mile away but now is no time for this. We can't seem to fix my air in my car thats been broke for 3 years, nor can we fix the pop pop I have in my front end when I turn. The truck that I'm usually stuck with has no air, the door is screwed up and other things are screwed up on it. Now the other truck is broke and I just know there will be excuse after excuse on fixing this one too. I'm tired of this merry go round and want off.