Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No Child left behind

I have been helping the kids study for benchmark test. These are the test that are suppose to tell how much you understood from the previous eight weeks in school. The dreaded nine week test. My youngest has major problems in school. Always has, I am guessing always will. We are both tired of the homework hustle we do each and every night for hours. No matter what he does and how many hours he spends studying it is never enough. He keeps his grades up by making sure he has his homework ready so he can turn it in each day. By doing this he can get a 100 homework grade which pulls up the bad test grades. This is where I have a problem with the process. Don't get me wrong. I do not want him to fail. I just think it makes it worse when he does not understand the chapters he is doing but is able to look up vocab words to turn in and then fail the test but still come out with a decent grade. As one chapter builds on the previous chapter he gets farther and farther behind but still has at least a C in the class which is passing. Next comes the dreaded MCT2 test in May each year. If he scores at basic or below he will then be put into a learning class that should help him. Why not help him before he gets to this point. Why not pay attention before the end of the school year and try to help the desperate parent that is struggling to help her child instead of saying he has a C in my class. He is fine at this point. NO he is not fine. He has no idea how to do scientific notation or even what the term means but yes he has a C+ or better in the class just for turning in homework. I've tried tutors, I've tried grounding, I've tried taking things away from him that he really wants, but it just doesn't help. The school says he can learn and is not special ed material which I totally agree with but he still needs help. No child left behind is leaving my child behind and I sit here totally unable to stop it. This seems to be a never ending cycle year after year. He keeps doing just enough to pass and get by and he still doesn't understand things that should come natural by now. Its because he was left behind years ago and was passed by turning in his homework. I've cried, I've screamed, I've begged but so far I still have no help.