Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Schools Out!

Finally school is out for the summer. Hopefully all the boys passed and will move on to a new grade. Not sure what all they have planned for the summer. Hopefully they will work for a couple months before getting back in the swing of things in August for a new school year. Scott has learned that he can be exempt from test. He will hopefully work harder next year and be exempt from more test than this year. With school being out I can sleep later and not get up at 5:15 unless its to get Gil and the boys off for work. This morning was almost perfect. Got up and got Christian and Gil off to work then back to sleep.

Hopefully we can get these race cars ready and out of the garage and onto the race track soon. I'm ready to see all of them out there having fun. Its just a slow process to build all these motors and get them in the cars.

So how do you make the youngest understand that his dad will not now nor ever it seems do things with him? Just got the call that the oldest is going with dear ole dad to the baseball game. Sounds fun right? Well while they are planning this little outing the youngest would love to be included in some of the fun but hell NO. He will be dropped with dear ole mom. Not included again as usual. They both are suppose to go on vacation with him in just over a week but the youngest doesn't want to go. They never do anything with him or include him in things so why go to what was suppose to be MY vacation spot this year. Forget his feelings dear ole dad. He will get over it as always or at least he will seem like he does but one day it will bite you in the ass.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Different kind of happy

Gil and I are learning about one another and also all of these boys that we have. We are all settling in as we learn to live with new people. So far the boys all seem happy and they get along most of the time. Gil and I never know from day to day how many will be at the house to eat that night or how many will be staying the night. I love having a house full of boys. Listening to them inside and outside makes me somehow content. It doesn't matter whether its Christian picking Scott up and carrying him off down the hall or Ricky and Christian wrestling in the hall or even Billy walking thru the kitchen with the bull whip cracking. As I am learning Billy and Christian they are also learning all about me. Every day I go home after work and walk thru and pick up after them and smile. I've always HATED having to pick up clothes and stuff from where they have been dropped in the floor but for some reason this doesn't bother me at all. I just make a quick loop thru the house, scoop it all up and wash the two loads of clothes that wait for me. This just feels right somehow. Not sure if its because I've waited for almost 20 years to be this happy or what it is. I'm like the little energizer bunny running around the house cleaning up after these boys. The dirt, grease, dip cups, drink cans, tools, things left in pockets all just fits in to this group. In just a few short years some of them will be gone to college or out on their own. If everyone passes this year (fingers and toes crossed) then we will have a 8th grader, Sophmore, Junior and a Senior all living under one roof at one house plus all the ones that just come visit and stay awhile. Thats a lot of male testosterone in one house at one time. lol I knew about all the cars, dirt, grease, dip cups, drink cans, race cars, etc before I ever thought about any of this so I can't say I didn't know. The hardest part is finding some alone time whether that is just me or me and Gil together. We are working on creative ways to make it happen though. Communication is always the key. As long as we can communicate we can make all this work and work in an amazing way. I can't read his mind and he can't read my mind. If I don't tell him something is wrong he will never know and vise versa. Same thing with the boys. I've told them all several times that if I need to know something then speak up, otherwise I'll never figure it out. If you need something, you will have to tell me because with 6+ people here every night I dont have time for guessing games. Just call me, text me or send me a message on FB and let me know. If there is any way possible and not something that is really not needed then I'll do everything in my power to help make it happen. I love all my boys. There is nothing I wouldn't do for any of them.