Thursday, March 17, 2011

Racin season

Big C's car is looking great. They have all put in lots of time on this car. The first time Mcmuffin saw it he thought there was no way it would be running any time soon but it is. The boys had to take a small break for G's surgery but after a couple weeks plus having spring break they have really gotten busy and pulled it all together. This weekend is practice. We can see how good it runs and what they need to do to it. I can't wait. Watching all this fall into place is amazing. I leave every morning for work while they sleep in and then get up and work on the race car. When I come back from work I can really tell the difference. Just as soon as they have this one finished they will start working on Billy's Nova. I'm not sure how long that will take as it is at the begining stages. They will have to put the roll cage in before getting the other things put together. Have to make sure Billy is safe above all else. Then after that its Codys and Mcmuffin's. We could end up with 4 cars this year. Now to find a trailer to pull them all. At least all the boys are now old enough to drive so they can help get the cars to the track. Its almost race time and I'm excited. I can't wait to go listen to all the cars. This is where this all began almost 19 years ago and we have come full circle it seems and I'm loving it and all of these boys.

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