Friday, April 8, 2011

"Daddy Built"

I love how my life has changed in the past few months. These days I don't mind coming home and washing clothes, washing dishes, sweeping or just cleaning up in general. These days I can zip through ALL the bedrooms gathering up clothes that all the boys left just laying around. Its almost funny when I walk into the laundry room knowing that at least 4 or more took showers and I find only 1 maybe 2 towels in there and I have to go find the rest along with greasy jeans, tshirts, socks etc. Never know where they will show up. So walk room to room I do each and every day all the while laughing about it.
Most days after finding all the laundry and getting it going I'm walking around finding all the coke, dr pepper, pepsi, diet dr pepper cans and anything else my crew of guys have left laying around. Do I get it spotless? Oh no way. They will just have it messy again in a few minutes so why even try. I do try and keep it semi picked up for them and I try and keep it swept so the floors are not nasty but I know they are coming in from outside in the garage or out of the driveway where there is sand etc so it really does no good at all. After getting it all semi picked up I'm ready to cook.

After spending many years trying to cook something that my family would eat then giving up cause I couldn't please anyone, I'm happy to say this group will eat anything and everything. They just don't care. Doesn't matter what it is if I cook it they will eat it. There are days they start asking what's for supper early that day cause they all know that on most days we will cook. Its all new for me and I love it. Yes I was meant to have a house full of boys. I love it.

As I sit inside watching tv or cooking or just cleaning up I usually hear bang, bang, bang coming from the garage. I know that my sweetheart is out there working on one of the race cars. Right now its Billys car and Ricky's will land in the garage just as soon as Billy's comes out. Oh how this man loves these boys. I've been in the background a long long time but never up close to it all until now. I've been really good friends forever it seems with him. I would loose touch with him then he would find me again. I don't care how much noise he makes, or how dirty he gets out there. I don't care if I go weeks with no alone time with him or if he spends all his free time with these boys. All these boys will be gone before long. Gone whether its to college or to a job or eventually off to get married and have a family of their own. Time is rapidly speeding away and there is nothing we can do to stop it. So for now I share this man with all these boys. All these cars are "Daddy Built" and thats just the way I want it. He makes sure they are safe and that they have fun. He also makes sure they learn something as it goes on as he has them doing much of the work themselves. Hopefully when they are grown they will be outside in the garage with their son's building race cars and teaching the next generation and having fun. Oh how I love this man. Yep. Our time will come one day. For now its all about the boys. Love you Ricky, Billy, Scott & Christian plus all the friends that just come hang out and I of course love you Gil. You are the light of my life, you plus all "our" boys.

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