Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Good Life

Its been a long while since I updated anything. Still loving life and loving my honey. Boys are all getting along like they should. We have our bumps and bruises but learning to combine 2 families into one big one is tough for anyone. Brothers learning to be brothers and boys learning to have two loving parents in the same household that love and respect one another is something they all have to learn. On average we have "house guest" weekly at some point. Some come and just stay for weeks but I love it. I love having a house full of boys including the ones that just come and take over the couch. I'm glad they want to be with us and they chose to make our house the hang out house. The more the merrier. This way I know where they are and what they are doing.

Its almost race time so the boys are getting the race cars together and building and tuning the engines up. Its almost race time. For everyone that doesn't understand what goes on, let me explain. These boys/men will think race cars for the next few months. They will sleep, eat, dream race cars. If you dont have 4 tires and an engine good luck getting noticed. One for sure gets up on mornings that he doesnt go to school and heads to the race car. He will take a book and just sit in his car and read. Anything to just hang out inside the car. My sweet "Hello Darlin" just loves hanging with the boys and knows I dont care. The more time he spends with these boys the better off they all are. Anything the boys are doing he is right up in the middle of it. He is truly a homebody and something I've had to get use to.

Yes life is good. Its almost spring break. Its been a year since my darlin's neck surgery and it all still looks great. Dogs and kids are happy, I'm blissfully happy, and my house is rented out to a young mother and her children until it sells. Life is speeding by and we are having a party celebrating our kids and their lives. Yep loving this man and all our kids makes me smile just for nothing. Having the dogs jump over furniture to come see us at the door just makes it all that much better.

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