Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Schools Out!

Finally school is out for the summer. Hopefully all the boys passed and will move on to a new grade. Not sure what all they have planned for the summer. Hopefully they will work for a couple months before getting back in the swing of things in August for a new school year. Scott has learned that he can be exempt from test. He will hopefully work harder next year and be exempt from more test than this year. With school being out I can sleep later and not get up at 5:15 unless its to get Gil and the boys off for work. This morning was almost perfect. Got up and got Christian and Gil off to work then back to sleep.

Hopefully we can get these race cars ready and out of the garage and onto the race track soon. I'm ready to see all of them out there having fun. Its just a slow process to build all these motors and get them in the cars.

So how do you make the youngest understand that his dad will not now nor ever it seems do things with him? Just got the call that the oldest is going with dear ole dad to the baseball game. Sounds fun right? Well while they are planning this little outing the youngest would love to be included in some of the fun but hell NO. He will be dropped with dear ole mom. Not included again as usual. They both are suppose to go on vacation with him in just over a week but the youngest doesn't want to go. They never do anything with him or include him in things so why go to what was suppose to be MY vacation spot this year. Forget his feelings dear ole dad. He will get over it as always or at least he will seem like he does but one day it will bite you in the ass.

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