Thursday, May 13, 2010

School is almost out

Well school is almost out. We survived the 10th & 6th grades. McMuffin is exempt from all final exams. 6th grade does not allow that so Scooter will have to take his. McMuffin is still loving his job at McAllister's and has bought himself a truck. He is learning just how far his paycheck will not go. He is learning how to budget and manage his own paycheck with is always a good thing. He ask for extra hours and loves having his own money. Scooter is about to be allowed into the youth program at church. He can't wait. I just hope it lives up to his expectations. I loved my youth group growing up but found out really quick that it was not what i expected when I was allowed to attend. Hopefully he will fit in like he wants to and have really good friends there. We are planning out little mini vacation. This will be the first time in many many years we have all gone somewhere together. Usually its just me and the boys. Mcdaddy usually skips these events. We are going back to the Smokey Mountains. The boys and I went a few years ago and had so much fun. They want McDaddy to go then but he wouldn't/couldn't. Like I said this will be a short trip so we will not be able to do much. We plan on going to Rock City, Ruby Falls and go through some other caves. I'm taking my handy dandy camera and hopefully getting so really good pics this time. Hope everyone has a great end of the school year and a fun summer.

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