Monday, September 28, 2009


Welcome to my new blog. I've been following several people on their blogs and thought I might like to try this also. I am married and have two wonderful boys. The oldest is almost 16 and is driving around everywhere. The youngest is 11 and loves to draw. We also have two greyhounds - Leprechaun and Lacy - and one fat old cat named Charlie Brown.

Pops is on the road alot delivering ice cream to all the stores. He is gone much of the time so its just me and the Mcmuffin boys. I am an office manager to a bankruptcy trustee and taxi service driver for my youngest son. I am adopted and an only child. Both my adopted parents have passed away so other than my in-laws and my husband and kids I am now alone. I have wonderful friends that take up much of what is missing at times when this all makes me sad. I would love to find my birth family and learn that I have many siblings.

My oldest son is nicknamed McMuffin at school which is what sparked the name of this blog. He has always been smart and almost doesn't have to study. Last year in the 9th grade he was 25th of 382 in his class. 25th sounds really nice but imagine what he could do if he would just study a little. One day this will come back to haunt him. McMuffin is on the football team and loves to hang out with his football friends and is very active in the youth group in our church.

Scooter loves to play pokemon cards in a league that meets twice a week, loves art and loves his cat. In school he studies really hard but seems he is just an average kind of kid and that's fine with me. Some of the things they do in school are over my head already and he is only in the 6th grade. Scooter is active in RA's in our church and can't wait till he can join his brother in the youth group.

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