Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Last night I traveled about 30 minutes away to watch McMuffin play football against some of his friends from another school. At one time he played baseball with them so it was good to see some friends from past years. We won 14 - 6 and have now won two games and lost one. One game was rained out and we have one game left for next Monday evening. We are not sure if the rained out game will be played or not. Since McMuffin is on the JV squad and must dress out for the Varsity squad games we go twice a week to football games.
Scooter is home sick today. Had a headache last night, this morning was cold and stomach was bothering him. So far no fever but I didn't want to take any chances so he is taking it easy. Since the bacon flu (yes swine flu) is out and about in the schools I didn't want to take a chance so when he called and said he was worse than when he left home this morning I went to get him. Last time he called like this he was better by that evening. I'm praying this time is the same.

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